NBA Official Kenny Mauer

Meet Kenny Mauer, the longest tenured referee in the NBA. Kenny has been officiating for over 33 seasons with over 1935 games under his belt! Each and every game, this 65 year-old has to run and keep up with the world’s top athletes. His go-to source of fuel before every game is the Classic Mauer Protein bar. Each bar is made from the finest, cleanest ingredients to sustain Kenny over and over again.  

Out of a professional need, Mauer Nutrition was born. Only Organic, gluten free, NON GMO, ingredients are sourced to create the best tasting, softest protein bars on the market today. If these bars can fuel 65 year-old Kenny well enough to keep up with Lebron James game in and game out, imagine what these bars can do for you!

“I’ve been an athlete my whole life, but I never knew what it meant to stay fit from a nutritional standpoint. I knew what it was like to run, to lift weights, and to do whatever it took to sweat and stay in shape. But what does it mean to stay fit nutritionally? Why do I put certain things in my body?” ~ Kenny Mauer, Founder of Mauer Sports Nutrition

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